"We collaborated closely with QVC on a very tight timeline to deliver, not just a great TV shopping experience, but what is widely lauded as one of the best apps in the Apple TV App Store, going on to win multiple awards."

— Claire McHugh, CEO Axonista

The QVC app on Apple TV
"The single most interesting app in the Apple TV App Store right now"

— Nilay Patel

"The new QVC app is one of the best examples of what developers can do with tvOS."

— Davindra Hardawar

"I think the best app on Apple TV right now is the QVC app … because the app is the clearest look at the future of interactive TV."

— Steve Kovach

"QVC's Apple TV app was available at launch and it remains one of the more impressive from a technical standpoint."

— Christina Warren

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The QVC app on Apple TV

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