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Axonista is an interactive video technology company. We’re building an easy-to-use suite of tools that enables creative storytellers at enterprise media companies and brands to tell stories in entirely new ways that build deeper and more valuable connections with their audiences.

Axonista’s technology is the engine behind some of the world’s most popular video streaming apps, used by hundreds of thousands of people every day around the world. Axonista has offices in Dublin and New York, has customers including QVC, Virgin Media, and the Irish Film Institute, and employs a team of 30 people.

We’re powering shoppable video for QVC in the US, UK, and Germany, local news in Ohio and Oregon, environmental activism in the Netherlands, and bringing the Irish Film Institute’s archive of Irish history to a global audience.

Uniquely, Axonista’s tech turns video from a passive, linear one-way medium into a fully interactive immersive experience for the viewer. These experiences are delivered through graphic video overlays that provide additional context to what the viewer is watching, “Buy” buttons, calls to action, personalized stats, email signups, and more.

Apps powered by Axonista’s technology have been delivered to over 500k users and have won 11 awards. The QVC Apple TV app was included in Apple’s coveted annual ‘Best of the App Store’ and was positively reviewed in The Verge, Engadget, Mashable, and Tech Insider.

In 2015, Axonista was chosen by Enterprise Ireland to participate in the prestigious Blackbox accelerator program based in Palo Alto in the heart of Silicon Valley. In 2016, Axonista was a Finalist in the ‘Female-Led Startup to Watch’ list by Light Reading Magazine, New York.

In 2017, Axonista was selected by Bank of Ireland to take residency in its New York Start Lab offices and was a finalist in ‘Company of the Year’ and ‘Innovation of the Year’ at the IBEC Software Awards in that year. Also in 2017, the company was awarded a grant from the European Horizon 2020 SME fund of €1.7m to productise its service offering, a project that continued to its successful completion in 2019.

Axonista will celebrate 10 years in business this year, and currently has a team of 30, with offices in Dublin and New York. The management team is 50% female, and the team overall is 30% female, with goals to improve this gender balance further in 2020. The company’s leadership recognises that diversity of background, life experience and ideas is one of the keys to unlocking the most impactful innovation and decision making possible. The team spans 6 countries and 7 nationalities.

Axonista embraces remote working as part of its culture. Core values are collaboration, innovation and quality, which the team aims to bring to every aspect of working together and with customers.

Axonista is a keen supporter of media and the arts, and has a long running and deeply collaborative partnership with the Irish Film Institute to power the IFI Player suite of apps, which has won 4 awards, including the 2019 Business to Arts ‘Creative Staff Engagement’ award.

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