TU Dublin’s MBA Teams present to Axonista

In early 2021, Axonista announced a strategic partnership with Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) to empower Masters Students with scaling expertise in the accelerating markets of livestream shopping and video commerce, areas which present huge employment opportunities in Ireland and around the world. 

TU Dublin is Ireland’s largest Technological University, with 5 campuses, almost 30,000 students and a deep and abiding commitment to STEM. Their technology transfer and business incubation activity has led to the creation of over 400 new sustainable businesses with an economic value of almost €700 million. 

Each year, the university selects a number of industry leading partners to work with, enabling their students gain real world insight into emerging technologies. They chose Axonista as a partner because they lead the way in video commerce, live streaming, shoppable video and interactivity. 

Under the guidance of Dr. Claire Mc Bride, Axonista’s leadership team worked closely with this year’s ‘Executive MBA – Innovation & Technology Management’ elective class, and challenged them to conduct a strategic analysis of roadmap opportunities for Axonista’s technology. At the end of April, two MBA teams came together virtually to present findings and recommendations to Axonista, showcasing extensive research and a forensic approach to customer and market discovery, scaling and innovation best practices. 

Each team was made up of leaders and entrepreneurs from a range of sectors, including finance, media, education, and engineering, which leant itself to a broad array of perspectives and a deeper understanding of the challenge they would articulate. 

Each team chose to tackle the business challenge in very different ways, with the first taking a deep dive into trends in China and the implications of those for Axonista’s market position and opportunities. 

The second team took a forensic approach to situational analysis across macro and micro environments to uncover new areas of potential monetisation for Axonista’s video commerce technology. Having worked with expert faculty and in a peer to peer learning and networking environment, the final event represented an opportunity for both teams to present and share their findings, and to receive feedback from Axonista’s leadership team. 

Daragh Ward, Axonista’s CTO and Co-Founder said; “It was useful to have the teams at TU Dublin bring their attention to bear on the many opportunities of video commerce at this inflection point. Not only did it allow for the cross pollination of ideas, it also facilitated a deeper and more structured breakdown of ancillary aspects of our industry. The particular focus on turning “tacit knowledge into explicit information” was a timely insight given how quickly things are moving in the video commerce space.”

Axonista is looking forward to working closely with TU Dublin, not only with future Executive MBA teams, but also with the MSc in Product Management, specialising in experiential learning.

Axonista is currently recruiting for a number of senior roles across design, operations, and engineering. For more information, please visit our careers page.