Televisionation Friday Fireside: Axonista’s CEO & Co-Founder Claire McHugh on Video Commerce.

Friday Fireside features the legendary Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor, in conversation with prominent TV and video industry figures. Our CEO and Co-Founder Claire McHugh recently joined Rick to discuss all things video commerce.

In this episode, Claire spoke about Axonista’s expertise in video commerce and shoppable video. She also talked about how the pandemic has brought the adaptation of video and shopping forward. 

Interactive video

Claire talked about Axonista’s track record in helping brands like QVC, HSN, Oxfam Ireland and Fashion Relief achieve success through interactive video and shoppable video. She shared how our customer WaterBear uses their interactive streaming platform WaterBear to connect NGOs with people who care about the future of the planet.


Claire and Rick also discussed the power of storytelling in video commerce to engage with your audience. 

Storytelling is the key ingredient to make something work. Once you forget the storytelling, that’s where things can go badly wrong and you create something that doesn’t compel anybody.
                      Claire McHugh, Axonista Co-Founder & CEO


Storytelling engages the viewer. The payoff for a number of viewers can be to participate by buying something connected or related to that story. But if you don’t start with the story, nothing happens.
                         Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor


Check out the full interview here!